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Landscaping subcontractors are those that are participating in a number of decorating activities that aims to modify the visible features of land, or the maintenance of decorative shrubs, trees, and soil in residential and commercial areas. Landscapers could include actions on the gardens, structures of natural elements, objects, or abstract elements such as lights. Landscape contracts can be classified in another way, commercial or residential landscaping. They work with lawn and shrub care where application of pesticide, herbicide, and fertilizers as well as slicing branches and removing shrubs, as well as trimming of trees and shrubs are some of their usual work. Landscaping contractors who work with the set up and restoration of irrigation systems, sodding, operating on synthetic land, as well as the renovation of certain environment are all types of works that landscaping artisan contractors deal with. Coverage Required by Landscaper Artisan Contractors ** Landscaping General Liability: Like all subcontractors, landscapers need commercial general liability to cover them while working at customers locations. A landscaper artisan contractor insurance is needed to cover for their careless acts while performing their work. Coverages range from $300,000 to $1,000,000 each occurrence for product/ completed operations as well as personal and advertising injury, with double the amount for the general aggregate. Of a particular interest is the fact that some insurance carriers may have certain policy coverage exceptions for damages resulting from the applications of pesticide, herbicide, and fertilizers. Other companies may exclude any damages resulting from imperfect design of the landscape. The main determinants of the prices for the commercial liability of artisan commercial policy are yearly wages, annual revenues and attributes of activities practiced. ** Landscaping Artisan Subcontractor Business Auto: All contractors need this coverage for their autos that are used in the course of the business. Some smaller contractors wrongly insure their business autos under Personal Auto Policies (PAP), producing a great risk as a PAP will not cover the contractor if the auto is utilized for business purposes. Garaging ZIP , ages and driving records of the operators play important roles in deciding the cost of the coverage. ** Landscapers Workers Compensations: Workers compensation is mandated by the law. For landscapers who employ others and pay salaries, a workers compensation policy is a must. If the landscaper has many employees that do more than one type of work (such as clerical, drivers, etc.) classifying the employees at the time of obtaining insurance may reduce the coverage cost. Owners and officers may exclude themselves from workers compensation insurance. ** Contractors Equipment and Inland Marine Coverages: Landscapers may need to also insure the specified tools and certain equipment they use. Also they may need to get an installation floater coverage (covers contractor’s raw materials while in transit or while kept at a customer location). Moreover, insurance for rental equipment may be required if there is potential losses from theft or another loss on rented equipment. ** Landscapers Umbrella or Excess Liability: Some larger size landscapers may need extra liability insurance for better protection or to meet legal obligations. ** Contractors Property Insurance: This coverage may be essential if the contractor owns a building or certain scheduled tools and equipment such as computers. The costs of insurance are based on amounts, description of property and community. Getting insurance for a landscaping contractors does not have to be a challenging task. Paying attention to exclusions of the coverage is a mandate. Published at:

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Hello Everyone!! I would like to talk to you about the Hospitality Insurance Agency!! First of all we originated in Clearwater Beach, FL in 1948. We have had years of teaching and experience in personal insurance that we became experts and the only option was to broaden our intelligence. So we expanded Barber Agency (our personal department) to an even larger Corporation — Hospitality Insurance Agency. We have been insuring clubs, restaurants, bars, etc. for over 40 years, and just like our personal lines, with many years of teaching and experience– we have become the best of the best. We work with several different insurance companies and have the best relationship that you can possibly have with an insurance company. Meaning one way or another we are going to get you the best policy for your business at the cheapest price. Something else that we are starting up this year is our blogs/facebook/twitter etc. I am currently the person in charge of all of our websites. We have 2 sites for our blogs/Facebook because we insure gentlemen’s clubs and we don not want to mix that content to our restaurant owners. On our Facebook we have in our photo sections– the businesses that we insure with some pictures of the establishments. That is just one way we help out our businesses with a little bit of recognition. On our blogs we have the businesses we insure and links straight to their websites. If you are making money, we are making money– so we do more to help out our insured businesses by more than just saving them money on insurance policies, but also with a little bit of advertising on the side! We take care of our customers the way customer service use to be, no rude staff members; the customer is number one, etc. We take our reputation seriously and go through extensive research to make sure our team is all in sync and all about you! So if you own a restaurant, nightclub, gentlemen’s club, bar, or hotel; get into your insurance drawer and find out when your policy expires. When the dates are coming up contact our amazing staff or go online and get an instant quote!! That is only if you want to save money on your next insurance policy and have your business get a little more internet action from us! Now, I would like to wrap this up because there is only so much you can say about insurance. I pretty much covered everything. If you have any questions you can either visit our site, blog, or Facebook and send us a message with your question and it will be answered within 24 hours. Also, we are here for you M-F regular business hours (at office) — 24 hours online – and by phone 877-736-3820 – One more thing we are expanding more and more everyday, and we have been insuring businesses that are getting larger and larger to the point that we do our best work on larger businesses rather than smaller ones. So please when contacting we prefer larger businesses with multiple locations or high grossing. Thank you Published at: